1) Describe the daily life of a child in a r
Most of East Africa practices the Swahili religion.
ural Kenyan village?
The life of Kenyan people living in rural areas is not very easy. Most of them are farmers and depend on crops for food and their jobs. When there are no crops, they cannot make money, and they also cannot feed their families. But most of the farmers in East Africa are women, very unlike the United States. These women farmers also herd livestock while growing crops. These are true working women!

2) Who took control of the costal regions? Muslim took control Ethiopia`s costal region and Christians began to control inland. Finally Christians Ethiopia was surronded by muslim terrotories and their areas. Christians in Ethiopians made a little bit of contact with Christians elsewhere. Monastry: Where priest live and work.

3) What was the East African land before land was owned? What was it like after land was owned?
Before East Africa land was owned families could farm pieces of land close to the village, but the pieces might be different shapes and differ in location over time. Expanded families would usually farm for the whole group. Men and women would work in the fields. Men would clear the land and break up the soil and they would herd the animals or trade goods. Women would plant seeds, take care of the plants, and gather the crops. After it was owned the British put up plantations. When some African countries became independent they would break up plantations and then sell the land to other Africans. East African land is still able to buy, but it has bad soil and not a lot of people.

4) What are the Swahili? The Swahili are Africans who have mixed African and Arab ancestry. Swahili is also a language many East Africans speak, 49 million people learn Swahili as a first language. In Tanzania and Kenya, it is the official language and children are educated in Swahili in these places.

Bibliography:Swahili house:[[http://www.mzuri-kaja.or.tz/images/Kamba_001.JPswahili.JPG
This is a Swahili house in East Africa

malawi_tea_plantations.jpgthis is a malawi tea factory

Plantations: a large farm where cash crops are grown.
Ethnic group: a group of people who share the same ancestors, culture, language, or religion.
Foreign Dept: Money owed to foreign countries.

Swahili picture: http://www.jubileeventures.org/volunteerafrica/africapeoples-cultures.html